Digital Educational Empowerment Project

Digital Educational Empowerment Project

Digital Educational Empowerement Project

2022 was a great year for digital educational empowerement to Mat- South and Mat North Educational institutions. What is this project if one is to ask?

Digital Educational Empowerment aims to provide a digital platform that will enhance education in the province with a provision of a server and client laptops for access and for uploading pf content.

The main Server is made open and is accessible in local languages. This server educational resources and the platform allows addition and creation of new content for sharing with other schools around the point of presence/ proximity of the server host school.

The platform is has local languages for easy access and interaction with the users. The resources that teachers have can be uploaded on to the platform so as to share with other teachers and students without the same resource.


Books can be shared and one book can be shared used simulatniously by more than one individual concurrently. The platform is web based to allow easy access across different devices as long as they have a browser and are connected the deep wireless network.