Encryption is the process of scrambling or hiding information so it
can only be read by someone with the means to return
it to its original state.

Encryption(special access); ain’t criminals special in a way

Governments and law enforcement agencies have tried to come up with ways to gain special access to secured data as a way of helping fight crime. Yes from the onset it may look like a genuine cause, Catch criminals while they are unaware. But once these back-doors(special access) are discovered by criminals, can be used to do more harm than good. Even the same law agencies and governments will suffer the consequences for they are the main targets

Who is immune to weak Encryption

You and me are not immune to weak encryption. Instead our daily lives depend on strong encryption in this modern world of internet everywhere. Our mobile devices, the communications that we do, our homes our cars, our workplaces all depend on strong and reliable encryption. Imagine working from home during these trying times of COVID-19 with weak encryption, Who will get paid for the hard work and sacrifices you are going through if you are not fully protected. Criminals might get access to your private banking details and even know how much you are supposed yo get paid. All these can be tempered with all in the name of special access

5 Reasons why Encryption

1. It helps you stay safer when working remotely as companies are now requiring workers to solely use encrypted devices due to incidents like these helping employees to stay productive from anywhere.

2.It supports data integrity by increasing the integrity of the information alone. If you trust the data, it’s easier to use it confidently to make business decisions.

3. It is a privacy safeguard On a smartphone, for example, encryption apps can make it virtually impossible for any unauthorized person to access your information. In several instances, law enforcement officials have had difficulty investigating phone data on encrypted devices.

4. Using encryption for Data Protection could surely increase Trust. As a company or organization, even when not required to encrypt data due to privacy regulations, you may choose to do so to show your clients making that assertion is particularly important due to the eroding trust many people have in the internet today.

5. You could help yourself avoid regulatory fines depending on your given industry or the specific policies set forth by your employer, encryption technology for data protection may become mandatory rather than optional. For example, in the health care sector, patient privacy laws require keeping information encrypted. Organizations receive significant fines for noncompliance.

Time to Take Action

If you’ve been considering using encryption to keep data safe, there are plenty of reasons to do so. Statistics do show the need for it in our everyday lives. Governments, just like criminals themselves should not be granted special access to private Data for it defeats the purpose of data Integrity and Trust. It is time for all of us to stand up and say no to government back door access especially in our vulnerable developing economies Zimbabwe and the SADC Region

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