Gender Responsive Policies are a necessity and prerequisite for all citizens even when it comes to the internet considering how almost everything is now being done in the digital space. Coming from the CSO perspective due to the covid pandemic a lot of advocacy is now being done in the digital space, i was privileged to be a part of the inaugural launch of the School of Internet Governance in Zimbabwe and got a chance to learn how others are ensuring that there is inclusion of all citizens even those in the remote areas who are at times excluded. The Internet school of Internet Governance in Zimbabwe allowed participants to share their thoughts and their expectations when it comes to the governance of Internet in Zimbabwe and the space even included a representative from the religious sect. The internet domain is inclusive but it should also be a space that does no harm to others in relation to the content that is shared. Information dissemination is important so that people will not be caught unaware when they would have broken the law when using the internet. The facilitators were very relevant and their presentations were indeed an eye opener and am looking forward to continually engaging with the Internet school of Governance in Zimbabwe